What We do


What we do at LightBlue

  • We provide retirement planning services to our clients either before or at retirement.
  • We work with our clients to establish their goals and objectives for retirement.
  • We implement our client’s plans.
  • We regularly review and monitor our clients objectives and investments.

What we do for our clients

  • We will gather the information we need which will be used to understand our clients goals and objectives.
  • We understand that each person has individual needs, and as such it is important that you have an idea of the process and what to expect should you wish to work with us.

Establishing a Relationship

  • We will clearly explain our services to clients and what our clients should expect from us.
  • Clarify your responsibility as a client.
  • We will clarify how we are paid.
  • We will discuss and decide together how the relationship will work and how decisions will be made.

Understanding your goals

  • We will ask information about your financial situations.
  • Define your personal and financial goals.
  • Discuss time frame for results.
  • Gather all necessary documents before giving you any advice.

Analyse Information & make recommendations

  • We will analyse the information you have provided and assess current situation in order to establish how to meet your goals.
  • Look at what, if any services you require.
  • Develop and prepare your wealth management plan including recommendations based on your goals.
  • Discuss recommendations to enable you to make an informed decision.
  • Revise recommendations as necessary
  • The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise.  You may get back less than you invested.


  • We will provide you with access to our dedicated Client Team
  • They will:
    • Take you through the process and ensure you are comfortable during each stage of implementation
    • Liaise with third parties to ensure the smooth implementation
    • Create secure client records on our administration system
    • Process and store all documents relevant to the solution securely

Ongoing Service

  • Once implementation has been finalised we will provide you with an ongoing service.  This will include:
    • A review meeting, remotely or face to face to monitor progress of the implementation
    • Monitor and record any changes to your circumstances both financial and personal.
    • During the review process we will:
      • Review your portfolios and rebalance where necessary
      • Review your risk profile and ascertain if there are any changes
      • As part of the above we will consider new financial products that may be appropriate for your needs

Retirement Planning Service

  • Six monthly review either by phone, correspondence or face to face. This will include:
    • A valuation
    • A review of asset allocation and fund selection
    • Implement any agreed changes (e.g. fund switches)
    • Access to our team who will respond and deal with ad hoc queries
    • Liaise with other professionals as required e.g. third parties such as solicitors and accountants
    • Provide regular news bulletins updating you on current financial issues
  • Maintain records